J hails from the Bay Area, but this Left Coast girl has been around the block. On the road at a young age, she found herelf wandering about numerous towns around the US and Canada as her parents were in the show dog biz. During an early career in the mining industry, she ventured to remote parts of the US and eventually Australia. She spends most of her time now keeping D on the straight and narrow.

D spent his youth as a pseudo-military brat hovering mostly around the mid-Atlantic States with stints in Texas and Germany as well. After some schooling in Montana and Virginia, he too pursued a career in mining which took him places like Australia, Madagascar, and South Africa. D now works for a French company and spends his waking hours trying to convince his bosses to send him there.

J & D resided in Arizona and New England following their official union in 1998.  More recently, they migrated south to Texas to bask in the sunshine. There is a tentative agreement between them to only include trips on this web site in which they both participated. Initially, they established this travelog to share pictures with family and friends rather than clogging up email inboxes, but it has since taken on a life of its own.