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New England

July and October 2008

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Building upon last year's tour of southern New England lighthouses, we decided to continue the tradition this year and visit those lights dotting the coastline north of Boston. It would be a tough road to hoe seeing that there were some 70 plus lighthouses ahead of us, but many of them were along the Maine coastline which consists of so many islands and inlets that make driving from point to point a half-day event. It took four full weekends spread over several months, but we managed nearly 40 of them, including a couple in Canada. The remainder are accessible only by boat, so they will have to wait for another time. But after two years of visiting lighthouses, we've pretty much had our fill for awhile. Maybe we will move on to something else, like, say, covered bridges.

Annisquam Light, MA

Bass Harbor Light, ME
Bass Harbor

Cape Elizabeth Light, ME
Cape Elizabeth

Cape Neddick Light, ME
Cape Neddick

Derby Wharf Light, MA
Derby Wharf

Dice Head Light, ME
Dice Head

Doubling Point Light, ME
Doubling Point

Doubling Range Lights (Front), ME
Doubling Range

East Quoddy Light, NB
East Quoddy

Eastern Point Light, MA
Eastern Point

Fort Pickering Light, MA
Fort Pickering

Fort Point Light, ME
Fort Point

Gloucester Breakwater Light, MA
Gloucester Breakwater

Goat Island Light, ME
Goat Island

Hendricks Head Light, ME
Hendricks Head

Hospital Point Light, MA
Hospital Point

Lubec Channel Light, ME
Lubec Channel

Marblehead Light, MA

Marshall Point Light, ME
Marshall Point

Mulholland Point Light, NB
Mulholland Point

Newbury Range Front, MA
Newbury Range Front

Newbury Range Rear Light, MA
Newbury Range Rear

Owls Head Light, ME
Owls Head

Pemaquid Point Light, ME
Pemaquid Point

Plum Island Light, ME
Plum Island

Portland Breakwater Light, ME
Portland Breakwater

Portland Head Light, ME
Portland Head

Portsmouth Harbor Light, NH
Portsmouth Harbor

Prospect Harbor Light, ME
Prospect Harbor

Pumpkin Island Light, ME
Pumpkin Island

Ram Island Ledge Light, ME
Ram Island Ledge

Rockland Breakwater Light, ME
Rockland Breakwater

Spring Point Ledge Light, ME
Spring Point Ledge

Squirrel Point Light, ME
Squirrel Point

Thatcher Island Twin Lights, MA
Thatcher Island

West Quoddy Light, ME
West Quoddy

Whaleback Ledge Light, ME
Whaleback Ledge

Whitlocks Mill Light, ME
Whitlocks Mill

Wood Island Light, ME
Wood Island

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